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Hello and welcome on, the gate to shemale dates all over the world. Just looking for a one-night stand or seeking a serious relationship with a tranny? Our site will provide access to loads of advice and tips to increase your chances to meet the right person, wherever you live.

Which site for which date?

First of all, you are probably wondering: what is the best way to meet shemales in my neighbourhood? To get in touch very quickly with hundreds of trannies, you need to register on dating sites. We have selected 3 of them for you as they are serious and above all they guarantee you will get genuine dates.

See for yourself! Go to the section « dating site » and you will be able to watch videos in which we show you how to make the best possible use of these sites in order to reach a successful conclusion.

For a one-night stand

The best site to meet a one-night stand shemale is the famous Tranny Dates. It is often highly controversial and stirs things up between the people for and against it. If you know how to use the site properly, you will get many dates. Keep in mind you will be able to search for dates anywhere in the world and particularly in Asia.

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For a serious relationship

Sex is not everything in life, far from it. So if you are more into building a serious relationship with a shemale, then the site MyTranssexualDate is for you. It was created by a Frenchman who is himself in a relationship with a tranny. This is one of the best sites (if not the only one) for people looking for serious shemale dates. You will be able to judge for yourself from your first visit.

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For a serious relationship with an Asian shemale (ladyboy)

Better known by the name of Ladyboy, Asian trannies are among the most stunning shemales in the world. The site MyLadyboyDate is the Asian version of the previous site. No one-night stand here, the ladyboys present on the site are only interested in finding serious relationships.

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Now things have been clarified, here is what you will be able to find on our site.

You will be able to access:

Who is a shemale ?

People often get the terms “shemale” and “transvestite” mixed up, and yet there are many differences. Here are some basic definitions: a transvestite is a man who occasionally dresses up as a woman. A shemale sees herself as a woman in the body of a man; she will have no peace until she has regained her femininity by all means possible (it can go as far as genital surgery).

As you can see, the 2 « concepts » are very different. You need to know who you are attracted to before you start searching for a partner.

As far as attraction is concerned, you need to know that a man who falls for a shemale is not necessarily a homosexual man, quite the opposite.So having given you all this good advice, we would like to wish you a pleasant visit to our site as well as many happy dates.

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